Empowering musicians to lead.
We exist to equip YOU as a worshipper. Our vision is to train you as a musician, worship leader, and songwriter. We want to help you become more excellent, not only in your craft, but in your calling. Come in and take a FREE tour today!
In-Depth Craft Training
We at the Worship Initiative are committed to you as a musician. Our team has created hundreds of videos and tutorials to equip you to play and lead your favorite worship songs. Whether you play the acoustic guitar, bass, electric, keys, drums, mandolin, or use your voice as your instrument, this is the place for you to grow in your craft to the glory of God.
Genuine Heart Training
From in depth Bible studies surrounding all of your favorite worship songs, to exclusive online Worship Initiative University classes, come inside for extensive bible training, where you can study WHO God Is, and let that inform who YOU are called to be as a musician to the glory of God. It's gonna be really fun!
Songwriting with Purpose
Are you a songwriter? Do you want to be? Have you written songs that you would like to share? At the Worship Initiative you will have the opportunity to:
  • Share your songs within a safe community.
  • Get your songs critiqued by professional writers.
  • Get trained by song writers who, by God's grace have been a part of writing some of the songs that you currently love!
...we can't help but believe you'll love it.