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    As a council member you will be the ones helping us shape, refine, and develop this resource as it grows over time. It's gonna be a GOOD TIME! Hanging with new and old friends. Brainstorm on how WI can serve the body better. Eat some really good food. Worship together as a family. Time in the Word. AWESOME!
Consider Your Calling
We will dive in together to what it means, according to God's Word, to glorify Jesus through song. We have a passion for the Scriptures, and a passion to help musicians, songwriters, and worship pastors see the Truth of Who God is in His Word, and in light of that, walk in the freeing and equipping truth of who they are called to be in this life.
Here are the resources that will be constantly updated on the site:
  • Worship devotionals
  • Bible applications / Study tools
  • Review classes from acclaimed seminaries where you can dive as deep as you want to go in your study of the Word. It's a perfect resource for musicians who want to go deeper but who are unable to put their lives on pause just to study.
  • Video podcasts: Our hope is that this will be a sweet place of refreshment for you and a practical tool to use to daily be washed in the water of His Word.
Consider Your Craft
We will be Instructing musicians how to use their gifts to lead worship effectively.
That includes song-by-song tutorials and videos for every instrument.
We have already recorded the tracks for 100 worship songs (it was CRAZY!) that you will have access to, much like a ready-made worship library. And we're already planning the next round. On top of the first 100 songs, we will release 10 NEW worship songs every quarter. The WI team is committed to an ever expanding catalog.
On the website, EVERY song has a dedicated page. On that page will be:
  • Training videos (with chord changes) for every instrument played on that particular song.
  • "Lessons in B" (aka Shane "B") teaching "how to" play and lead that song.
  • Key changeable chord charts
  • Song player - on site streaming of all songs
  • Worship Set Builder - with printing and sharing capabilities
  • Scripture references for that song
  • Devotionals on topic with that particular song
Check out the songs we will have FINISHED before launch!!!
The Worship Initiative: Volume 1
  • 1In Christ Alone
  • 2Happy Day
  • 3Oceans
  • 4I Need You
  • 5Open the Eyes of My Heart
  • 6This is Amazing Grace
  • 7All the Poor and Powerless
  • 8Come Thou Fount (Above All Else)
  • 910,000 Reasons
  • 10So I Can Love
The Worship Initiative: Volume 2
  • 1You Make Beautiful Things
  • 2Heart Starts Beating
  • 3Mercy
  • 4Forever Reign
  • 5Better Is One Day
  • 6How Great Is Our God
  • 7Our God Is Greater
  • 8All In All
  • 9We Exalt Thee
  • 10Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
The Worship Initiative: Volume 3
  • 1How He Loves
  • 2Never Once
  • 3I Will Follow You
  • 4Whom Shall I Fear
  • 5Beautiful One
  • 6Blessed Be Your Name
  • 7Shout to the Lord
  • 8O Lord You're Beautiful
  • 9Liberty
  • 10Before the Throne
The Worship Initiative: Volume 4
  • 1Here For You
  • 2Healer
  • 3Our God is Love
  • 4Always
  • 5Oh Praise Him
  • 6Worthy Of Affection
  • 7Here I Am To Worship
  • 8Holy Is the Lord
  • 9How Deep The Father's Love For Us
  • 10It Is Well
The Worship Initiative: Volume 5
  • 1The Stand
  • 2Alive Again
  • 3Indescribable
  • 4You Never Let Go
  • 5Enough
  • 6Lord I Give You My Heart
  • 7No Sweeter Name
  • 8Yearn
  • 9My Chains Are Gone (Amazing Grace)
  • 10Nothing But The Blood
The Worship Initiative: Volume 6
  • 1Cornerstone
  • 2Cannons
  • 3I Am Set Free
  • 4Your Great Name
  • 5Give Us Clean Hands
  • 6Reign In Us
  • 7Let My Words Be Few
  • 8Jesus Paid It All
  • 9Wonderful Cross
  • 10Though You Slay Me
The Worship Initiative: Volume 7
  • 1Christ Is Risen
  • 2That's How You Forgive
  • 3Stronger
  • 4When The Stars Burn Down
  • 5Your Name
  • 6He Is Exalted
  • 7Heart Of Worship
  • 8Your Love Is Strong
  • 9I'm Yours/Nothing But The Blood
  • 10From The Inside Out
The Worship Initiative: Volume 8
  • 1One Thing Remains
  • 2Your Grace Is Enough
  • 3Lead Me To The Cross
  • 4Revelation Song
  • 5Because He Lives
  • 6Forever
  • 7Marvelous Light
  • 8The Cross Stands
  • 9Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • 10Now and Always
The Worship Initiative: Volume 9
  • 1Desert Song
  • 2I Will Exalt You
  • 3You're Beautiful
  • 4Hosanna
  • 5Everlasting God
  • 6Mighty To Save
  • 7Holy and Annointed One
  • 8Where Would I Be
  • 9Glorify Thy Name
  • 10Everything Is Different
The Worship Initiative: Volume 10
  • 1I Will Rise
  • 2Our God Is Able
  • 3Jesus Messiah
  • 4Your Love Never Fails
  • 5Amazing Love
  • 6God Of Wonders
  • 7Majesty
  • 8I Found It All
  • 9How Marvelous
  • 10Your Grace Finds Me